God loves Deaf people. They are beautiful. <3

Hello My lovely People! How are you? So I told you in one of my earlier posts about community service and how Mrs. Karen, our Headteacher wanted us to have the experience. Taira Alabi, my classmate came up with the idea of inviting less privileged kids to our school. We looked for a school we could invite and then the ACA official driver suggested we invite the Christian Mission for the deaf school. He also informed us that it was a school with needs and that inviting them would be giving a lot to them.


Some of Our ACA kids.


What beautiful people…


Dami (My classmate) and one of the students from The Christian Mission for the Deaf.

We paid them a surprise visit to invite them to our school the next week. The principal accepted our invitation and promised to bring the 1st&2nd graders to our school for art and craft, football and snacks. We were excited. Early morning on monday, we came to school and got the art room, football pitch and bridge café ready. We bought the necessary items for snacks and Taira offered to bring cakes and doughnuts. We blew balloons as well. The kids and 2 teachers arrived at 9am. I tried greeting them all in the little sign language I had learnt a few hours before they came and they seemed to understand because they kept smiling to me We played on the play ground, went on the swings, played football and ate delicious cakes and donoughts.



Ramez, a classmate of mine helping a kid with his art and craft..


It was an eye opening and emotional day for me. It was the day I really thanked God for my life. Deaf people are regular people who want to be loved and cared for but aren’t loved as much because of their impairment in hearing. Meeting with the Christian Mission for the deaf made me so thankful to God and made me appreciate my life and all that’s in it. I always used to complain and say life ain’t that sweet BUT what about life for deaf people?

We should always be thankful and grateful no matter the situation we are faced with. Our problems may not be as much as the problems of a deaf person yet we still complain and we are still ungrateful. I want you all to be appreciative of your life. Deaf people didn’t choose to be deaf. That’s how they are and you know what? They are just as beautiful.


Go Away!!




I have a Father,He calls me His own.

I have a Father,He calls me His own.

I love you Lord!

I love you Lord!

The One i truly love said it!x

The One i truly love said it!x

At times like this,I just wanna go away
From everyone and everything
From every reminder,from every finger
And just be alone with the one who truly loves me
In a silent ambience
Hearing clearly the one who formed me
Who knew me before I was born
Who truly cares,Who doesn’t flatter
Who feels every fleeting emotion I feel
Who hears every single word I utter
Who sees my thoughts
I can choose to wallow in this misery
Or be joyous in the one who loves me
Who just wants to be let in to do his perfect work
I don’t want to shut Him out.

Oh! How I would love to be away from everyone but you
To be alone with this wonderful God
To hear every word you utter

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Happy Thanksgiving :)

So yesterday was thanks giving and Our essay writing teacher asked us  to write what we were thankful for and this is what I came up with.

I’m thankful for my life. I thank God for making me strong despite disappointments and setbacks. I am thankful for my sister, my mum and dad who have always supported me and always encouraged me to move forward no matter what. They are my role models. I am thankful for my close friends: Lisa, Micheal, Anu, Tobi, Kunta, Sunmi who never stopped believing in me.

I am thankful for my teachers: Mr. James, Miss Lee-Anne, Miss Tosin, Mr. Joe and Mr. Yinka : They’ve not stopped encouraging me.

I am thankful for the people who have entered my life and have gone away because they have made me stronger. I’m thankful for my close relationship with God who has always been my spiritual inspiration. In God, I have been Strong and hopeful.

Although I really don’t celebrate thanksgiving but when My essay writing teacher told us to write about what we were thankful for, I really had time to sit down and think of it.  God has been too good to me and has granted on to me so many blessings I do not even deserve. I thank God.

Happy thanksgiving  to you all.

LISA-MARIE : Not withstanding her past…

 This is  a true story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lisa Marie Smith. Before she was born, her parents waited for 10 years. They prayed and fasted, cried and waited. During Lisa- Marie’s birth, her mum went through so much pain. Mrs. Smith was in intense labor. When Lisa- Marie was finally born, she was stressed. She was put under oxygen for days. Doctors didn’t know if she was alive or not because it was a prolonged pregnancy.

Months passed as Lisa-Marie grew up. She was diagnosed with an eating disorder at 9 months. She had issues eating, had no appetite and needed pills and multi- vitamins to eat and stay strong. Times when Mr. and Mrs. Smith had no money to buy Lisa- Marie’s pills, she became so thin. She would lose weight drastically and suffer hair loss.

Lisa- Marie grew up to be a beautiful teenager but still suffered so many health and emotional conditions. Lisa-Marie had a younger sister called Jane. She had good grades and ate well. Oh what a beautiful girl she was. Despite how perfect Jane was, Mr. And Mrs. Smith still loved Lisa-Marie more.

Lisa- Marie suffered a lot of sickness. She was weak and malnourished. People made fun of her because she was skinny and shapeless and because she failed constantly in her studies. Her parents did their best to push her and encourage. She could still not pull through.

Lisa Marie Attended one of the best international private schools in the country, Her teachers did what they could to make her cope but didn’t succeed. Some of the teachers and the principal mocked her indirectly and concluded she would amount to nothing good.

Lisa- Marie grew up  becoming a beautiful girl with no hope for herself nor for her future. She tried dating several boys from the age of 13 thinking that she would find the love and affection she always wanted.  Instead, the boys she had relationships with mistreated, used and took advantage of her.  Some abused her sexually.

Lisa- Marie didn’t have any ideas she was messing up her life and her self image. She was naïve, ignorant and vulnerable. This attitude of hers continued for years.

As she continued, people started talking about her. They said evil and mean things  about her. They called her a prostitute and said she was hopeless.  It really hurt Lisa- Marie yet she still didn’t know why they would hurt her this way. She was the sweetest, most loving and passionate girl but despite that, people could not stop saying things about her. She had no friends. She was alone in the world.

When  Lisa- Marie turned 16,  she had a turning point. It was the time in her life when she became a woman. She became strong and independent . Despite her constant Ill- health and her horrible childhood past, she still fought her way through life. She learnt to ignore the insults and rumours of her past. She became better in her academics and started doing things for herself.

Today, Lisa-Marie has a strong and long lasting relationship with God and has put Him first in everything. She has quite a few friends who loves her.  She is into fashion, modeling, photography, acting and dancing.

I decided to write this story from the life of somebody I know. This girl has seen a lot of hell and has been through a lot. God had a  purpose for her life and made her go through these things because He wanted her to be strong and for her to put her trust in Him.  I would like you all to reflect on my story. There is somebody somewhere going through what Lisa- Marie went through.

Some of you people reading this may have horrible pasts and may have people mistreat you. Maybe your past isn’t as bad as Lisa-Marie’s but never lose Hope because God knows why you’re going through whatever you’re going through. Be strong.

I am not the best of writers but I hope my story of Lisa-Marie touched you as much as her life has touched me.

Please Comment and tell me what you think.

Yours  Sincerely,

Baridakara Du’ Juliana.

My angels. <3

I started 12th grade in september 2012. After a few months, a period was added to our regular timetable on mondays. It is called Community Service. Basically, community service is voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. Our head teacher, Mrs. Karen told us that it is important we have a real taste of what it is before going to university.

She arranged for us to meet with some selected 2nd graders, talk with them about any problems they may be facing and play with them during their junior school break time.

I was so excited because of my love for kids. I was originally assigned to Sade, a beautiful 2nd grader. As I did more of Community service, I became familiar with other kids and started hanging out with them.


Arenike <= A sweet 2nd grader who has a passion for fashion and thinks I would be the best mum in the world after her mum. LOL. Isn’t her schoolbag so gorg??


Up there is Arenike and Favor (From left to right.) Oh what beauties they are!


Sade and Ayo are sisters. Do they look alike? (From left to right.)


As I worked with these kids, I grew more love for children and it has made me think of my future kids.  I hope to be an amazing mother to my future kids.

It has been a joy working with them all.

I love them so much.

:’) ❤

The Sexiest Accesory : Confidence

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye.”

-Helen Keller

Yeah! SHOES! BAGS! RINGS! BRACELETS! ACCESSORIES UPON ACCESSORIES! But is that what makes a woman sexy? What is confidence? Confidence is the trust and belief in your own abilities. Confidence is the complete opposite of shyness. Shyness can be overcome by being confident.

You as a confident person will go far in life as many things you do will require the belief in yourself. Many women around the world are stuck in their own realms because of the lack of confidence that pervades their lives. This is because of the lack of power they have been given by their communities. Confidence is a vital tool that will get you anywhere you want as long as you believe in yourself. Take for example, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton. These are two very successful and influential women in the world. They would not be in their current positions if they were not confident enough. Confidence also plays a role in relationships.

Confident women are known to have the most successful relationships because they believe in themselves and the future of their love lives with their partners. As a woman, it is great to have confidence in yourself. With confidence, you can achieve all you want in life. Thus, the sexiest accessory you should always carry around with you is confidence

A fun Thursday evening after speech club.

Hello Guys!!  I took these pictures while we waited for our IITA car to take us home from Speech and football club. So I decided to take a few pictures of my girls. I didn’t feature in the pictures because I was too busy taking the pictures in my New Olympus Camera. Enjoy! 🙂

                                     Down there is Mervielle, Tobi and Ledornubari(My Sister)


                              Lily Just Got a new balckberry Torch 2 and since then she’s been so addicted! Lily and Ledornubari

                                 Tongue sticking out! Oh yeah! B-)

                     My Lovelies- I love you Megan, Ledornubari, Lily and Mervielle.



My Future Model – Mervielle. Shes so beautiful.


I hope you enjoy! watch out for more!

Much Love,

Baridakara. Xx


No matter what I face,

No Matter what happens in my life.

No matter the disappointments,

The heartbreak,

The backstabs,

The broken times,

No matter the horrible days and moments

No matter who comes in and out of my life

No matter the rumors and persecutions,

I shall fear not!

Because of Jesus,

My sweet Jesus.

He knows everything and sees everything,

He hears my cries and feels my pain

Jesus holds my life, my heart and my future in His hands,

So why should I fear?

In Him, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Hold on to God always.

Fear Not!

He loves you and wants to help you,

Will you allow him?

Deuteronomy 31:6 : ”  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you